About Beachange


Be A Change is about taking responsibility as the representative of this planet earth, and start contributing to the human society. We are a team who is focused towards taking our Nation to join the League of Developed Nations through Entrepreneurship.

We take this initiative to invite the Young Business Owners, Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Aspirants who wants to become an entrepreneur, Women Entrepreneurs to explore the possibility in joining hands with us in creating an impeccable model that support you to grow your business & contribute towards the growth of our nation.

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Why BAC ?

  • Do you know as an Entrepreneur you impact the INDIAN economy?
  • How to create an impeccable business model? 
  • Collaboration & Networking with Integrity
  • Connect with International Business Owners
  • Connect with GLOBAL mentors
  • Possibilities to expand your business across INDIA & to have a global presence. 
  • No hearing stories... just to make you to think where is your business & what are the steps you have to take to build your business.
  • Why not check for possibilities to collaborate with business owners across the country to expand your business? 
  • How long we will depend on Overseas investments for our local businesses to grow?
  • Is there no investors across our nation?
  • Why we always produce & find market globally forget to meet the local demand? 

Powerful Distinctions

  • What is the purpose of being an Entrepreneur?
  • How to leverage your business by creating a new model?
  • Doing business with integrity contributes the growth of the country's economy
  • A successful entrepreneur can impact the global economy
  • How to implement the successful business model across the nation & world
  • Raise capital for your existing business & to execute new business ideas
  • Which limits you not to achieve what you want from your business?
  • Increase net profit of your business
  • How to become stronger in facing challenges in business?
  • Transform the world by transforming your business
  • Creating systems that supports you to achieve great results
  • Collaboration & Networking with Integrity
  • Impact of your Corporate Social Responsibility towards the growth of the nation
  • Doing business while learning and having fun.