Beachange – Young Champ Entrepreneurs Meet up – Event Coverage

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Dear Changemakers,

We acknowlege each ane every one who came to our meet up happened yesterday.

Why we should always look for investors from overseas? Is there any possiblilty of collaboration? how long we gonna listen to so called stratgies which make us to not think beyond a limit?

Here we are creating an ecosystem :) 



Another milestone of Beachange. Introduced Speed networking. What we achieved,

– 80 Participants
– 3 Speakers
– 3 Sponsor
– 3 Associates

An entrepreneur fixed maximum 32 appointments in 3 hours. wow…thats the fabalous achievement.


Ms. Simoni & team, Co-Founder, Wow Gifts,
Dr. Samundeeswari Stalin & Dr Saseendar Ortho Consult Room, Care Sports Injury,
Mrs.Kanchan, Organic Terrace Garden Materials Kanchan


Associate parter Vibazone, Creative partner Cognitive, Online Media partner Newsdrizzle



Alovita, Herbal soft drink was distributed for all the participants.

Nalla unavu, OfferedKambu/pearl millet laddu.

Askme.Com distributed yellow pages 2016.

All together, we believe the change is happening slowly in the country. We make sure that this initiative will create a huge impace in the society. Wow every person inside the room had very big dreams to achieve.

We would like to support them, let’s join together & make a difference in the country.

Please block your calendar for this meet ups on every 3rd saturday.

Fantastic response from the entrepreneurs in the city.

Bharathiraja Thangappalam, Founder of Beachange, India. Be A Change is about taking responsibility as the representative of this planet earth, and start contributing to the human society. We are a team who is focused towards taking our Nation to join the League of Developed Nations through Entrepreneurship.