Business Networking – Key for Business & Social Capital

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Business Networking

The business networking is an activity which is the dimensional growth of “Networking”, Networking plays as an important tool which enables a community to create objectives, monitoring & executing a purpose or creating a cause in the society.

History of Networking

Initially networking was encouraged in a community level to share, discuss, nurture an idea that impact or bring a change in the society. Basically help the top notch people to build their social capital which in turn support their business activities, political relationships, connections with the policy makers & so on.

Over a period of time, it becomes a practice among the professionals, scientists, politicians, business owners, employees etc. to create such meet ups which enables individuals to create a forum which give access to connect with people having common factual that means like minded people. These forums in turn become a constructive tool in motivating or inspiring the group of people inside the forum to work towards the cause.

Beachange - Young Champ Entrepreneur Meet ups

How business networking supports a business?

Business networking is a cost effective method of generating businesses. It gives you an opportunity to meet with like minded people who may support your business in mere future or even sharing of experience from successful business owners & failures from learners. Which you cannot read in books.

Are we focused Entrepreneurs ECO-System or EGO-System?

If you check the recent statics or reports from any entrepreneur’s forum, the success ratio of businesses in INDIA is very less compared to other countries business due to our ecosystem. It doesn’t mean that our entrepreneurs don’t have value in their business. It is all about lack of business centered education. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that in INDIA we don’t have people who don’t know about creating Giant businesses.

The recent survey says around 400+ entrepreneur’s events are happening across every year in INDIA. Then how come we are unable to produce successful business models? The reason simply looks funny. We have experts in our country but our ability to connect with them is very poor. Which means as an entrepreneur or investor or experts we attend many events but not taking an initiative to connect, share or discuss with each other.

Even you can see many entrepreneurs or even business owners attending events having more than 100 participants returning to home not even shared a single business card or received. It is because of poor networking.

Why BeachangeYoung Champ Entrepreneur Forum?

The core intention of created Young champ entrepreneur forum is to create monthly meet ups where the entrepreneurs or business owners can connect with like minded people, get referral for their businesses, explore possibilities to enter into new avenues, connect with investors, finding potential co-founders, finding mentors etc.

Business networking is key tool to increase your business capital & social capital to acquire the economic share of the country.

Let’s connect & grow businesses together to make a difference in the nation.

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Bharathiraja Thangappalam, Founder of Beachange, India. Be A Change is about taking responsibility as the representative of this planet earth, and start contributing to the human society. We are a team who is focused towards taking our Nation to join the League of Developed Nations through Entrepreneurship.