Contributors Corner

Dear Changermakers,

Changemakers India, was launched to create an online medium where we talk much about the greatness of our country. We are not competitors for any online portal or online news publishing platforms. Our intention is to share the changemakers experiences. We would love to share the genuine stories, facts, statistics which educate the young indians to make a difference in the country.

Our invitation is for people who are really passionate about doing some good thing to our nation. Your contributions must inspire the young community to come forward to contribute to the growth of the nation. Let’s share about good things happening around us, talk about the success of youngsters, discuss about social issues which is not noticed, explore the new business possibilities, educate the entrepreneurs, business owners & aspirants to build an eco-system that make a difference in the society, Join together & do some community works, support each other, welcome the young indians joining with us and so on.

We invite Bloggers, Individuals willing write articles, Writers interested to share social messages, Entrepreneurs who likes publish their business journey, Investors willing to guide the entrepreneurs community to raise funds, Mentor to give their valuable support, Business coaches ready to support the eco-system by offering valuable tools which will help the entrepreneurs in the country to grow etc.

Interested individuals are requested send an email to

Thank you

Changemakers India, An initiative of Beachange.