Cricketainment & the creation of IPL – Economy

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“Cricket is a game played by 11 fools and watched by 11,000 fools,” – said by an Irish Play writer, George Bernard Shaw. Don’t know why he quoted like this, now the scenario is exceptionally changed. Expect the spectators, everyone is making huge money, as well the game is generating big profits & impacting the country’s economy.

Here in this article we are going analyze how this platform acquired the market share in India. As well created a new economy system – “IPL – Economy”.

As a spectator for us it is a 4-hour game plan designed with 1-hour expert’s discussion before & after the game, Cheer leaders, celebrities, emotions etc. In terms of investor code, how much return’s can be made out of Rs.115 invested for every sec organising one match. (It is estimated the expenses to run one match is Rs.25lakhs)



IPL – Source of revenue

  1. Sponsorship
  2. Telecasting rights
  3. Ticket sales
  4. Franchise auctions

 How the revenues are generated?

  • It will cost nearly 25 lakhs to organize one match
  • 70% of the income was generated via telecasting rights & sponsorship
  • Title sponsorship for bagged by Vivo mobiles for 2016 & 2017. For which Vivo will pay 100cr to IPL for every year.
  • Sony media was awarded telecasting rights for RS. 8,200cr till 2017.
  • 20% from the tickets sale will be shared to IPL & 80% will be shared between the IPL franchise owner with the respective stadium owners.

IPL economy

  • The winning team in IPL 2016 will be awarded Rs.20cr prize money & Rs.11cr for runner up.
  • Total value of IPL team’s RS. 2,882cr
  • Total brand value of below IPL teams

Kolkata Knight riders – Rs.573cr

Mumbai Indians – Rs.480cr

Bangalore royal challengers – Rs.340cr

Kings Eleven Punjab – Rs.236cr

Hyderabad Sun Risers – Rs.233cr

  • Indian premier league’s total brand value – Rs. 23,622cr

How does IPL impact India’s economy

IPL contributes Rs.1150cr to the GDP during 2015 IPL season. The time line for this contribution is 60 days. During IPL season there is an increase of 25% business in Travel & tourism business across the nation.


The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is the national governing body for cricket in India. The board was formed in December 1928 as a society, registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act. It is a consortium of state cricket associations and the state associations select their representatives who in turn elect the BCCI officials.

Really don’t know how this is going to help the growth of the nation or the development of individuals in the country. It is a game plan designed to support the celebrity & corporate economy in the country. Youngsters need to decide whether this kind of entertainment is essential or not.

Any how IPL had created a new economy system in the country.

Bharathiraja Thangappalam, Founder of Beachange, India. Be A Change is about taking responsibility as the representative of this planet earth, and start contributing to the human society. We are a team who is focused towards taking our Nation to join the League of Developed Nations through Entrepreneurship.

  • Mohanraaj Govindaswamy S

    First they triggered our emotions, now we are watching this game as a religion. Pride of our nation, some part of the world don`t even know what it is.

    But look at the number games these biggies playing… 1150cr !! from a game which killed all our national sports…

    Very sad, but thank you to the team which brought this statistics…

    • Bharathiraja Thangappalam

      Rightly said Mohan.