How to bring a change in our education system?

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Our Education System

Starting from Kindergarden we are reading the whole books in the form of subjects which talks much about British invasion to INDIA, World wars, Cold wars, Awesomeness of european systems, Who invented telephone, Bulb, Current, Aeroplane …oops…tired. Finally read 10 pages about INDIA under which 3-4 pages will talk about Caste & it’s Division. And finally just 1 page about the greatness of our country….What’s happening?? I Born in INDIA but i dont know about her greatness.


We are living in a society where our tax money was spend to build a big library in the city & the books were donated by UNESCO, From schools we are always taught about British systems but we celebrate Independence day for got the freedom from British colony, We were pushed to a situation where we buy imported products in the form of brands which was manufactured here in this nation,….more more more..come on my dear chaps,,think for a moment & lets see how to make a difference.

Think of creating a model that give a solution.

Bharathiraja Thangappalam, Founder of Beachange, India. Be A Change is about taking responsibility as the representative of this planet earth, and start contributing to the human society. We are a team who is focused towards taking our Nation to join the League of Developed Nations through Entrepreneurship.