INDIAN WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS- 6 Stories of Inspiration

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There are men in the workplaces who have some kind of preconceived idea about working women, like they have lack of career perspective, management skills, professionalism, and the list continues. Women are more “emotional”, “homely” and what else not!

To some extent some of the adverbs go with women though. YES. Women are more likely to be emotional and responsible homemakers than men, but that doesn’t stop them to be perfectly professional. Though sometimes, professionalism and dedication towards their work make them more composed homemakers. As per Malay, theatre personnel from Kolkata, “I have experienced by myself that, a working woman is a far better homemaker than a fulltime housewife. Because of the enhanced time-management-skill and understanding with the pressure of workplace she can handle personal relationships and give quality time with much more efficiently”, he realized.

Women Entrepreneur

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But in case of working as an employee, there may be few factors which can create issues for the women, like, safety, maternity leaves, sexual harassment, timing, gender inequality etc. As women are more often responsible for taking care of her children and are more keenly interested in job satisfaction rather just the amount of pay package, therefore, it is quiet better for them to be their own boss rather serving others with all the dedication and at last judged by their ‘looks’, ‘compromises they made’ and often for their hard work. Nature and society has made woman a multitasking person. She is a cook, a sewing machine, a babysitter, the prior coach of her child, a home tutor, the most efficient accounts personnel, an interior decorator, a household manager, a quality control manager, a damage controller and a lot more. Now the only problem is that for decades these qualities of women had been utilized for the family and it only had benefitted the lives of other family members, especially the men of their lives, be it the father, brother, husband, sons and in laws, but the women didn’t get any sort of recognition or financial self-dependence. So it is high time that Indian women come with their household experiences startup new businesses and make the most out of it via social networking. Here are few examples of simple housewives transforming into amazing entrepreneurs. Remember, only having big brand names or folio is not important. If one can create a small enterprise and create job vacancy for at least four unemployed people, that also matters a lot.

  1. Subhashini Mistry: She is an elderly simple lady who has suffered from extreme poverty and lost her husband due to negligence of the doctors. This brave- hearted woman had fought with all the difficulties to make it sure that her son can become a doctor and her daughter can become a nurse. Now she runs two hospitals which is available for the poor as well. Only a strong desire is needed for making a change.
  2. Rupa: A survivor of acid attack, Rupa, comes with an innovative idea to run Sheroes’ Hangout, a café in Agra, where all the other staffs are victims of acid violence. Rupa and her coworkers Ritu, Gita, Neetu and Chanchal has not only created a company for earning their livelihood, but they have created a history in the glorified hospitality industry. It is no more valid that a restaurant or café can be successful with only picture-perfect waiters/waitresses.
  3. Salema Khatun: A housewife of lower middleclass Bengali family in Kolkata, Salema has faced a lot of problems in her in-laws’ house. But unlike others she has not stopped dreaming, rather managed to balance her home and passion for making others beautiful. She is working as a beautician since she was unmarried by providing service house to house. After lot of struggle recently she has started Silver Moon Ladies Beauty Parlour by her own.
  4. Neelima Bibi: A rural women of West Bengal, Neelima is a leader indeed. The female farmer of Darjipara village founded the first Self Help Group in her panchayat with thirteen other women from her village listed in BPL and started processing paddy. While formerly they used to process and sell grains as individual, they now find it more economical and revenue generating to work as a team.
  5. Geetha Narayanan: A school teacher by profession in early life, she understood that I is not possible to work with all her integrity as there is a lot of obstacles in the education sector. Being a visionary, she started her own school Mallya Aditi International School, where she could implement a different approach of teaching. Though becoming a grandmother also, Geetha has not embraced retirement. She started various new schools of different sectors like art, design, language etc. While we see the numerous private school is being developed by few typically business-minded people, Geetha inspires not only the women of India, but noble people from the teaching profession to come forward and startup new schools with holistic educational approach.
  6. Lata Harlalka: Instead of working under a reputed brand she chose to open her own boutique, Palki. Now Palki is no more a name heard in Kolkata only, but spread all across the nation and has its branches in different cities like Jaipur, Jamshedpur, Ranchi and many more. Lata has made a benchmark for designer’s sarees and arranged several fashion shows which not only has given a mileage to the upcoming models, fashion designers, but also given a larger spectrum of job opportunity to many youngsters.

After all the success stories, it is also true that, there are very few women till date coming up for entrepreneurship, especially in India. But hopefully the number will increase. It is not mandatory to have special skills all the time. With the bunch of hidden talents of Indian women, which is getting used or rather exploited in day to day life, can also be the pillar of their success. Sky is the limit for women for they have the ability to shape a new life. So why not shape a whole new vision, organization and nation?