Let’s Light the Lamp – Women Entrepreneurship

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Let’s Light the Lamp

The world is at its changing point again. Though we talk about the corruption, depression, terrorism or war a lot, but we should not forget that the goodness of mankind cannot be examined without the hardcore darkening side of it. What is the need of a teacher if there is no illiteracy? What will a police do if there is no fear of crime? How can a woman be a mother without the deadly pain?

Being World-Netizens

Yes, darkness has its own value and so has its way out too. Often we used to say the bad points of social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook etc. But now we can see a lot of relevance of such sites in today’s world. A bunch of young artists, photographers, authors, poets has enriched the global platform named Internet. A bunch of bloggers is playing a crucial role for creating revolution across the globe. Many youngsters are sharing their views and ideas for making a difference in the society, or economy, or politics. Yes, we are getting addicted to talk and chat as well, but while few years back we used to get bored of going to seminars or reading heavy weighted books, now we are being positively ‘trapped’ to read, watch and listen more and moreover we are being HEARD, SEEN and RECOGNISED as well.


We have worshipped women as Goddess Shakti (The Power) a lot. But it’s a darkening truth of our nation that as much we preached Sanatan Dharma, we have not practiced it in real life. Segregation of men and women in every aspect is an open secret of our so called developing society. Though it is not a problem of India or the people of Hindu Religion only, but still we should have played a far more distinguished role of empowering women. But the sky high gap between theoretical value of women in India and the practical ignorance is a major issue behind our national failures for several centuries.

Mother Terasa

Mother Terasa

Women empowerment will be a fantasy forever till the time women themselves learn to be unified and bold enough to handle their freedom and lead the society in a right direction. Why do women need to prove the world that they can be as powerful as men? Aren’t they already unique in their own way? Why do they need to wear a saree or burkha if not feeling to wear so, or why do they need to wear fashionable clothes and maintain a prototype body shape for unwanted show off? Is there any harm to be a talented and hardworking lady with a dark complexion or a fat look? Why aren’t they allowed to get proper maternity leaves in so-called developed countries as well without harassment from project managers? Why many of our friends, sisters, daughters and mothers still feel shy to raise voice against discrimination, humiliation, molestation or any sort of unlawful act done by male members, colleagues or boss or even juniors? Don’t they feel cornered by their own so-called family or society and even by other women with prototype mindsets?

Sudha Chandran is an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer and Indian film and television actress,

Sudha Chandran is an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer and Indian film and television actress,

We need to give women RESPECT in a PROPER way. Mere respectful definitions or worshiping as goddesses are not going to help them anymore. We need to be liberal and tolerant from the core of our heart and mind. No religious books or scriptures need to make us know that women are symbol of strength, because it is a vivid truth which anyone can realize easily, that, they are already stronger. Masculine weakness has not been a hindrance for them but has increased their inner spirit in a more positive way.

After being gang raped at the age of fifteen if Sunitha Krishnan could initiate ‘Prajwala’- an NGO for serving the sex-trafficked women and their children, inspite of facing loads of hurdles; if Sreemoyee Sarkar, a young and dynamic girl from a middle class family in Kolkata can withdraw lucrative opportunities of the corporate sectors just to devote her time and energy for the betterment of the STRAY animals, if Mother Teresa could sacrificed her western lifestyle for the service of underprivileged people in India, if Breate Heister can become one of the richest entrepreneur inspite of being a mother of six, then what for we even think that women still need the support of men to prosper? The heroic stories of Helen Keller, Sudha Chandran and Arunima Sinha for struggling with their own disabilities are also well-known. Yes, they do need the moral support of people irrespective of men or women. Just like the father gave a chance to Razia Sultan or Indira Gandhi to lead an emperor or country, we also need to give the ample space and scope to our mothers, daughters, sisters or wives to opportune their own destination and goal and in parallel, we have to teach our sons especially how to respect a woman and at times to be ‘womanly’ for the betterment of humanity. The mother-in-law of an aspiring woman entrepreneur should encourage her daughter-in-law perhaps just by offering a cup of tea while she comes home back after a long stressful day, instead of demoralizing her and bringing her down.

Time for being an idiot

The most important part is to go crazy a bit. People with prototype business ideas, religious views, prejudices about relationships or marriages, thoughts on adaptation of child or pet should change. It’s not because they were all wrong, but just because they all need to be reevaluated according to the expectation of time. There are always three kinds of people, first kind of people go balancing themselves with the time whether they feel they fit into the world or not, the second kind of people think ahead of time and are extremely passionate to change the world, but just because of lesser belief or courage, they can’t make it happen in real life and the third ones are the most rarest blend of passion and diplomacy who not only can think differently positive, but also work differently positive and are able to make a long term change. So ultimately, it’s all

A social activist for animal rights

Sreemoyee Sarkar- A social activist for animal rights

about talent, idea, self-discovery, self-confidence, organizational skill and an essentially crazy mind. With a lot of talent, money, study also one cannot be an actual leader who can change the world or society. For that one needs to be an IDIOT who can utilize all her abilities not only to get immediate and self-centric success, but to devote her success to the whole creation.

And it all can happen with a small but steady step. So start marching, start rising, start lighting the lamp. Just make a start. The rest of the world will follow you.