Research about India’s GDP Contribution

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Changemakersindia - GDP Graph - Agriculture, Service & Manufacturing in INDIA

GDP Graph – Agriculture, Service & Manufacturing in INDIA

 Just a small research about the global systems & it’s      control. Just closely look into the first image which shows  the GDP contribution graph till 2010. Where the  agriculture was keep on decreasing & reached minimal  14% & Service industry had a big boom to 59% think my  dear young India. Do you think our contribution in  agriculture is nothing??


Then from where this 1.252 billion people in this country getting food? The agri manufacturing was turned into service industry via International Trade.

China-India-GDP-Frank-Talk-us-global-investors Products manufactured in INDIA was exported & come back again to us in the form of exports. Look into the second image regarding 2060 projection. Does it looks like an estimation or looks like a plan that needs to be executed? Emmm well..really we need to notice all these stuffs.

The only solution to make our country powerful is “Don’t always look for overseas investments, look into the possibilities of local investments & explore the opportunities”. Capitalistic business models which is the need of the hour.

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