Research & Development – A must investment in INDIA

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Are we really focusing on Research & Development activities in the country?

Well a true thinking or can say an authentic thinking,

Country Spending

Country Spending

1. Use only products manufactured by Indian companies.

2. Whenever get a stage talk talk talk & talk something about health conscious in public places.

3. Always wear khadi dress and show your patriotism.

4. When ever we get an opportunity must talk about women entrepreneurship and women empowerment.

5. If a someone cleaning the public place, let’s go & take selfie to show our volunteering.

Etc c etc


Change makers you know something, most of the Indian products were developed using overseas technologies, we need to develop our own technology. Women empowerment is not a pickle for you to show equality in the nation, go and see how we treat women in this so called country, still we were unable to abolish dowry system, even people talk about women empowerment looks for more dowry, self help & entrepreneurship based books selling itself a $Billion industry.

Many things are hidden my dear ones. #Beachange

Just shared my learnings. Might be helpful. If not ignore.

Bharathiraja Thangappalam, Founder of Beachange, India. Be A Change is about taking responsibility as the representative of this planet earth, and start contributing to the human society. We are a team who is focused towards taking our Nation to join the League of Developed Nations through Entrepreneurship.